The Stockfisch-Records repertoire 2024: CD - SACD - Blu-ray + DVD - VINYL - USB - DMM

• Werner Lämmerhirt "…es bleibt die Erinnerung…"

These recordings, previously unreleased in this form, are from tape recordings that Werner made at home in the late 70s to early 80s with his then newly acquired tape recorder - a TEAC A-3340S 4Channel. "Pure Werner", so to speak.

The CD contains 19 tracks from Werner Lämmerhirt's musical notebook. These songs, melodies, chord sequences, rhythms, song structures and even sketches of musical arrangements show what a significant influence he had on the German guitar scene. Everything that characterised him, his groove, his virtuoso playing technique, his smoky vocals, his broad repertoire, his inimitable thumb and his distinctive triplet runs, can all be found on this CD in its purest form.

Details       SFR 357.1023.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv)

• Paul Stephenson - "Wireless Days"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.4

"I’ve tried my hand at a few music styles in my time – from folk and country-tinged songs to what one reviewer called “pop in a different jacket”.

Here, I feel I’m definitely in singer-songwriter mode. The songs are all about people, places, experiences – friends, Captain Cook, Mother Nature (don’t worry, only one love song – “Once Not Twice” – and even that one has a little sting in the tail)." Paul Stephenson

Details       SFR 357.4110.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor - "The Road Well Travelled"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

"This album, like the others that came before it, is a collection of experiences from life on the road. Recorded in the world famous Stockfisch studios in Northeim, Germany by Guenther Pauler and his team I am pleased to present this new Album to my audience throughout the various countries I have travelled." Allan Taylor

For over 50 years now, Allan Taylor has been able to put his experiences and thoughts into words and sensitively shape them musically.

Details       SFR 357.4107.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - "The Road Well Travelled" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition. (complete tracks)

Details       SFR 357.8107.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.4
  180g-Vinyl LP

To coincide with the release of the new Stockfisch SACD "Closer to the Music Vol.6", we are now also releasing the next "Stockfisch Vinyl Collection": "Vol.4" contains 10 tracks from our productions of the last few years - of course no tracks that are on the "Closer to the Music Vol.6" SACD.

We again cut the direct metal masters for this record on the studio's own NEUMANN VMS82.

Details       SFR 357.8022.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.6
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.4

Since the last Stockfisch compilation "Closer to the Music Vol.5" was released in 2015, it was now time for the 6th edition of the popular sampler series.

"Closer to the Music Vol.6" not only features a new microphone on the cover, but also a more than 70-minute overview of which artists have been released by Stockfisch Records in the past years.

Details       SFR 357.4022.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• STOCKFISCH - DMM-Dubplate Vol.2

After the great success and the many positive feedbacks, we have now "reissued" the Stockfisch DMM-DUBPLATE Vol.2 with a new selection of five Stockfisch recordings.

The DMM-Dubplate - in opposite to usually pressed vinyl records - avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom.

Details       SFR 357.0002.1    (678,- EUR)

• Anne Clark - "Borderland"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Anne Clark: The style icon of electronic music and at the same time "spoken word" artist surprises with an acoustic album at Stockfisch - borderland between poetry and music.

The Brit speaks her poetry with care, letting the magic of her voice and every word work and unfold. The music enhances the poignancy of this poetry.

Details       SFR 357.4106.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Anne Clark - "Borderland" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-Double-LP Edition. (complete tracks)

Details       SFR 357.8106.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Manfred Jaspers - "Nach all den Jahren"

Manfred Jaspers from Northern Germany is known for his singing. He plays many different instruments, including fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, mandola and English concertina.

Manfred's CD "is a mature work of age, flawlessly produced, with timelessly beautiful folk songs, old and new stories, good ideas and personal thoughts on life and time. Songs and ballads to listen to, to sing along with, to feel and dream along with.

Details       SFR 357.6109.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv)

• Hannes Wader - "Noch hier - was ich noch singen wollte"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

A lot has happened in the life of singer HANNES WADER in recent years, both professionally and privately. The songs on "Noch hier - Was ich noch singen wollte" reflect this in an impressive way.

One of the highlights of the new album is definitely a duet with his long-time friend REINHARD MEY. The two sing "Le temps des cerises", an old French love and revolution song - and favourite song of both.

Details       SFR 357.4104.2    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Hannes Wader - "Noch hier - was ich noch singen wollte" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-Double-LP Edition. (complete tracks)

Details       SFR 357.8104.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Jens Kommnick - "Stringed"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Once upon a time… - fairy tales often begin with these familiar and beloved words. But only fairy tales? It can’t be a coincidence that Jens Kommnick opens his new solo album “Stringed” with the piece “Es war einmal (Once Upon a Time)”.

His compositions make one thing clearly perceptible and audible: this is Jens Kommnick himself, who lends a soul to the songs with his human warmth. Once upon a time… Fairy tales enchant those who read them –we all remember them– often leaving a smile on the readers’ faces. In a magical way, the new solo-album “Stringed” from Jens Kommnick also has the same effect, recorded brilliantly at the Stockfisch studios.

Details       SFR 357.4105.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Jens Kommnick - "Stringed" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition (selected tracks).

Details       SFR 357.8105.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Steve Folk - "Departure"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Steve Folk is a rare breed of songwriter that leaves nothing hidden nor shrouded from view. His songs, beautifully constructed paeans of life’s trials and tribulations, are always delivered with unflinching honesty. Folk by name, ‘folk’ by nature.

His dry, deadpan delivery and candid persona has endeared himself to a growing audience of music lovers. "Departure" is a beautiful reminder that we need to cherish what we have here around us in the present whilst it’s here.

Details       SFR 357.4099.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Steve Folk - "Departure" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8099.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio, feat. Bruno Müller - "bossa, ballads & blues"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Weightlessly light, yet grounded: that’s how the music on the new album from Bassface Swing Trio sounds. For this session they invited Bruno Müller, one of Germany’s most renowned jazz guitarists, and it was worth it! Because Müller is a perfect fit for the swing trio with his warm guitar sound.

Details       SFR 357.4101.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio, feat. Bruno Müller - "bossa, ballads & blues" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

The fact that they recorded these tracks live through an analog chain with the Neumann VMS-82 lathe cutting a DMM-Matrix in real-time shows at what a high-level these musicians are playing. Direct-To-Disc: honest music with no safety net and no ground. The listeners experience a maximally authentic reproduction of the sounds of the instruments as the musicians elevate swing-standards into the sphere of timeless beauty.

Details       SFR 357.8101.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Hannes Wader - "Poetenweg"

Der Live-Mitschnitt: Hannes Wader im September 2021. Der 79-Jährige liest zwischen seinen eigenen Liedern und den Liedern seiner Kindheit Passagen aus seiner mächtigen Biographie „Trotz alledem – Mein Leben“.

Einfühlsam und mit eindrücklichen Bildern beschreibt er seine früheste Kindheit und Jugend, berichtet von schwierigen Verhältnissen und musikalischen Prägungen. Von einer so persönlichen Seite dürfte sich der Sänger wohl noch nie auf einer Bühne gezeigt haben.

Details       SFR 357.6103.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Spirit of GAMBO - "John Jenkins - Late Chamber Music"
  SACD/CD (4.0 + Stereo)
The Spirit of Gambo has set the new standard in consort music performance.

These chamber music works indeed have a lyrical, balanced and reassuring character. They will no doubt have had a soothing effect on both players and listeners. A curious aspect of many of these dance-like pieces is the high level of technical skill required of the players.

Details       SFR 357.4098.2    (25,- EUR+deliv.)

• Katja Werker - "Contact Myself 2.0"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Katja Werker: "During an intensive phase of radical changes and new beginnings in 2018 - 2020 a wish grow in me to record the songs from “Contact Myself” anew for the 20th anniversary of this album.

It would be live and minimalistic – exactly like how I wrote them in my kitchen in Hamburg back then. Stockfisch was the only label I considered for this project."

Details       SFR 357.4102.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Katja Werker - "Contact Myself 2.0" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

- also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe incl. all of the 11 SACD tracks.

Details       SFR 357.8102.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor - Win Or Lose "Analog Pearls Vol. 6"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

"The idea to re-release 'Win or Lose' on Stockfisch Records came from Günter Pauler after I had sent him the original master-tape that I had found amongst my archive material.

I thought he might be interested, mainly because the original quality of recording was so good. Furthermore, it fell within the parameters of quality that Stockfisch demand from all of their recordings, so we decided to go ahead with the idea, releasing it on the 'Analog Pearls' series." Allan Taylor, 2020

Details       SFR 357.4806.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor - Win Or Lose "Analog Pearls Vol. 6" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Also available as Vinyl-LP (180g).

Details       SFR 357.8806.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Ulla van Daelen - "Mandala - Harp Solo"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Ulla van Daelen is considered the ambassador for the harp: "Simply amazing - we have never experienced the harp like this!"

With her virtuoso and soulful harp playing she has enchanted her audience in a unique way for decades! Her compositions are inspired by jazz, pop, folk and of course classical music in its most lively form! On her new album "Mandala" Ulla van Daelen presents her wonderful diversity as a composer and interpreter for the first time at Stockfisch!

Details       SFR 357.4100.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• STOCKFISCH - DMM-Dubplate Vol.1

"Our DMM lathe cuts the audio into a copper plated steel disc. We normally use this process to create a 14" DMM-Master that is sent to pressing plants for the production of vinyl records. Our new DMM-Dubplate however, is about the same size as a regular vinyl record. This makes it possible to play it on any record player and helps you bypass the loss in sound quality that is caused by the additional steps in the production of records, such as galvanic processes and the pressing of the vinyl."

"The DMM-Dubplate avoids issues like pre-echos and crackling noises. The high purity phosphate-copper has very little groove noise and clicking noises are seldom. Only one side of a DMM disc is recordable since the backside is not copper plated. Because every DMM-Dubplate is unique, the client’s name will be handwritten on the label."

Details       SFR 357.0001.1    (678,- EUR)   Available from June 2, 2020

• Steve Strauss - "A Very Thin Wire"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

22 years ago Stockfisch Records released “Powderhouse Road”, the debut album of the New York-Singer/Songwriter Steve Strauss. It was groundbreaking with regard to its recording quality and was very well received. “A Very Thin Wire”, the fourth and newest album of the now 55 year old American artist is being released on SACD by the Stockfisch label boss and producer Günter Pauler.

Günter Pauler shows once again how it’s possible to emphasize the individual character of each song with cleverly devised sound design. Steve Strauss, whose singer/songwriter music reveals deep insights into his emotional life and psyche, is congenially accompanied by the string-virtuoso and multi instrumentalist Ian Melrose this time.

Details       SFR 357.4097.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - "Meet you where you are"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

David Roth still shines with his newest album "Meet You Where You Are", which is released by Stockfisch Records on SACD as an audiophile-masterpiece and is a collection of wonderful songs from different periods of Roth's life between 1990 and 2018.

In his expressive songs David Roth tells anecdotes and stories from his life; he shares his personal memories and impressions, with which he communicates a pleasant charm – a charm, which, once experienced, isn't easy to withdraw from. The album, with its 12 songs and more than 50 minutes of music, is a pure balm for the ears!

Details       SFR 357.4095.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - "Meet you where you are" 2LP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 45rpm

- also available as audiophile 180g-Double-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8095.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)


The AYA is an association whose members are dedicated to the aim of providing an authentic musical experience in cars. “Are you Authentic?“ campaigns for “real” and “natural” sound reproduction, where participants receive constructive criticism from an expert jury.

These tracks – some newly mixed, others specially recorded for these CDs – contain certain music signals which show up any weaknesses in the sound reproduction chain. Selected from the Stockfisch repertoire specifically to optimize sound systems, these tracks sound really good only when there are no problems with the sound system.

Details       SFR 357.9017.2    (25,- EUR+deliv.)

• Craig Hadden & Charlie Carr - Old Gold "Analog Pearls Vol. 4"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch Records is happy to present this 40-year-old recording of Craig Hadden & Charlie Carr recreating some of their favourite songs from the 1950s.

Originally pressed on vinyl in very small numbers in 1980, this rare recording has now been transferred from the original reel-to-reel master and is being re-released in three formats.

Details       SFR 357.4804.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Craig Hadden & Charlie Carr - Old Gold "Analog Pearls Vol. 4" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

- also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8804.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones & Charlie Carr - "Analog Pearls Vol. 3"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

In 1979 Chris Jones and Charlie Carr came together to record some of their own songs along with a few traditional pieces.

The tapes of this recording lay hidden in the Stockfisch archive for 40 years, only to resurface again in 2019. Stockfisch Records is glad to release the results of this collaboration as the third album in its "Analog Pearls" series.

Details       SFR 357.4803.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones & Charlie Carr - "Analog Pearls Vol. 3" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

- also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8803.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ian Smith – "Last Call"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Ian Smith - an excellent guitarist, singer and songwriter with Scottish roots from the “Keadue Strand” in Donegal/Ireland, as mentioned in the song of the same name.

He’s been in the business - and on the road - for over 30 years, and the new album “Last Call” marks his first production for the Northeim sound-specialists as a Super-Audio CD.

Details       SFR 357.4094.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ian Smith - "Last Call" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

- also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8094.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor – "In The Groove Vol.2" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Allan Taylor: "I have chosen these particular tracks mainly because I know that those of you who play the vinyl records usually play them on superb sound systems, and therefore appreciate the quality."

"How this sound is achieved I don’t know; I’m just the guy who writes the songs and performs them, but the Stockfisch team are the experts in recording. I’m grateful to the team for continuing to work to such high standards to make my music sound so good."

Details       SFR 357.8017.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv) available from March 22

• Ranagri - "Playing For Luck"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Regardless of whether you have an award-winning harpist, a flute player comfortable in all styles, a busy multi-instrumentalist or a singer-songwriter who travels the world, ...

... these different backgrounds and horizons, experiences and peculiarities flow seamlessly into the Ranagri melting pot. The resulting music-mixture is a unique, sometimes singable, sometimes mystical musical fairytale world between intricate folk music, noble and elegant pop, artful and beautiful sounds, sympathetic pub-rock and flowing, eloquent singer-songwriter art.

Details       SFR 357.4096.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Ranagri - "Playing For Luck" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

"Playing For Luck" - also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8096.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv) available from March 22

• Paul Stephenson – "Mother Nature’s Rules"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

"Intricate, finely crafted and sensitive to life's mutability, the songs are performed with understated passion and tenderness." Keith Stimpson

"[Paul is] not only a very delicate and refined guitar stylist but also a genuine poet. [There is a] perfect harmony between the music and the lyrics." Jean-Marie Pouchain

Details       SFR 357.4082.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Sara K. & Chris Jones - "Live in Concert" DLP
    180g-Vinyl 2LP 33rpm

"Let's be honest. Live albums are often bland; the songs pale versions of lavish studio originals. This one is different. The texan songwriter and her sideman turned into groove masters during this concert in June 2002."

In 2018 Stockfisch is finally releasing the album "Sara K. & Chris Jones - Live in Concert" on double-vinyl for the first time for all fans of analog domain.

Details       SFR 357.8030.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv)

• Reg Meuross – "Reg Meuross"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Although active for decades, Reg Meuross is a new discovery for Stockfisch Records: He has been described as "a warm, engaging live entertainer [whose] same easy going feel informs his discs and their songs of love, longing and true life stories".

Mike Davies in "NetRhythms"

Details       SFR 357.4092.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Brian Flanagan - "Where Dreams Are Made"
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Brian Flanagan is an Irish songwriter, composer, vocalist, musician and poet. He has worked with artists from diverse musical backgrounds such as Michael Flatley, Nadine Coyle, Eric Bibb, Nathan Carter, Finbar Furey, Brian Kennedy and Sharon Shannon.

Stockfisch-Records has published this production as a hybrid-SACD. Listeners who own a multi-channel system can enjoy the 5.1 multi-channel layer, which presents the warm sonic panorama in a wider format.

Details       SFR 357.4091.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Brian Flanagan - "Where Dreams Are Made" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

This wonderful recording is also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition - including all of the 11 SACD-tracks.

Details       SFR 357.8091.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - 50 Years on the Road
  blu-ray video

On May 18, 2016, Allan Taylor performed in the "Bürgersaal" for the first time, the concert was quickly sold out and some of the guests were partly from far away. A wonderful evening with the great songs of this artist, who has been traveling around the world for over half a century with his guitar, his stories and songs.

We filmed and recorded this solo concert and now a blu-rayDisc is released.

Details       SFR 357.7093.2    (27,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Stockfisch Records „Trust Your Ears“
  USB Flash Drive
Passionate music lovers have been searching for quite a while now for ways to compare digital audio-formats. Up to now, it’s been pretty difficult to find recordings from the same source made under standardized conditions using the same, reproducible technology in five different formats.

For our demonstration, we selected a large mechanical 16” cylinder music box and an analog magnetic reel-to-reel tape. Both sources were able to be recorded identically and without losses five times. Stockfisch publishes these 10 audio files on an USB flash drive. The user will be able to play the files directly from the drive by plugging it into an appropriate Digital-Audio-Player. Or the soundfiles can be transferred to a system fitted with an audiophile HiRes-Software-Player.

Details       SFR 357.3003.0    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt † 2016 - "Eine halbe Ewigkeit"

In all the sadness, his music and memory remain.

Some time ago, Werner thought of slowing down his life on stage and recording his maybe last album. No one could have guessed that it suddenly became sad reality. At first we met in the studio at longer intervals. This is how wonderful songs were recorded many of them joined by guitarist friends of Werner. When Werner's life-threatening illness broke out, we began to work more and more intensively. One of his last great wishes was to hear the final mixes. We made it - together - and he was so happy.

Details       SFR 357.1022.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - "Behind the Mix"

Reissue, 2017

Allan Taylor: "This recording began as a bonus CD to accompany Colour to the Moon in the special box edition, released in the year 2000. Colour to the Moon has remained in production, but the bonus CD, Behind the Mix was discontinued when the box edition sold out. We have decided to re-release this Behind the Mix CD because so many people have asked us to make it available again. When the idea was first suggested to me I listened to it for the first time in almost sixteen years and I realised that it is special for many reasons, but mainly because of the friends I worked with on it."

Details       SFR 357.9001.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor - "There Was a Time"
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)
Stockfisch Records again produced a special project including a symphony orchestra: We speak about the 2016 production with the grandseigneur of songwriting, Allan Taylor! The SACD is titled: "There Was a Time".

Allan together with a symphony orchestra! Günter Pauler hired the "Göttinger Symphonie Orchester" with their agile conductor Christoph-Mathias Mueller; the Italian arranger Valter Sivilotti and Allan Taylor joined the recordings in Göttingen, and a very successful session was performed. Available from May 2016 as Multichannel-SACD-Hybrid!

Details       SFR 357.9015.2    (25,- EUR+deliv)

• Charlie McGettigan - "Some Old Someone..."

Charlie joined forces with Paul Harrington and Brendan Graham to win the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland with “Rock 'n' Roll Kids”. He has released many solo albums including “In Your Old Room”, “Family Matters”, “The man from 20” and “Stolen Moments” produced in Nashville by legendary producer Bil Vorndick.

Stockfisch Records is proud to release this wonderful album, presenting Charlie McGettigan as an remarkable Irish Singer/Songwriter.

Details       SFR 357.6090.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Christian Kjellvander - "Solo Live"

Christian Kjellvander is a Swedish singer-songwriter with a winning blend of American/European folk, country and rock - creating his own world of twangy, folky reflection and mood-filled melody.

When Christian Kjellvander toured Europe last year, he visited Stockfisch-Records. Spontaneously Günter Pauler recorded "Solo Live" - a solo performance in the Bürgersaal, Northeim, on May 16, 2015.

Details       SFR 357.6089.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Andreas Rohde – "Analog Pearls Vol.2"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

ANDREAS ROHDE visited our Northeim studio in 1983. It was impossible not to notice his admiration for LEO KOTTKE.

We have documented the state of our previous analog studio technology in numerous photographs in the booklet. For the second volume of “Analog Pearls”, we played the two-track master tape on the same TELEFUNKEN M15A that Andreas Rohde’s recordings from 1983 were mixed on. Then, our MEITNER 1-bit DSD-Converter managed the leap into the digital age. Thus you can hear a native 1-bit DSD Layer on the SACD.

Details       SFR 357.4802.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.3
  180g-Vinyl LP

For the third edition of our Stockfisch Vinyl Vinyl Collection this time we selected titles from our current program, which fit soundwise particularly well on vinyl record: deep-sounding, smooth and transparent timbre characterize the 10 pieces on Vol.3.

Among them are "good old friends" such as ALLAN TAYLOR or STEVE STRAUSS - but also Günter Pauler's new discoveries for Stockfisch like CARRIE NEWCOMER from Indiana, Kerstin Blodig from Norway or the Anglo-Irish band RANAGRI.

Details       SFR 357.8015.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Carrie Newcomer – "The Slender Thread"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

Once upon a time there was a singer from a far-off country who was fair of face and sang with the voice of an angel. Her name was Newcomer, although she possessed a rich store of artistic experience.

The master troubadours of Stockfisch heard of this wonderful songstress, and because in a fairy-tale nothing is impossible, they waved their wands and whisked her over the wide, wide ocean to ultimately land in the fabled acoustic cavern of Northeim. There they enhanced her golden voice with lutes, flutes and other fabulous instruments ...

Details       SFR 357.4088.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Sara K. - "Horse I Used To Ride" - LIVE in 2001

In April of 2001 Sara K. happened to play a concert nearby Northeim - home of Stockfisch Records. It was the first contact between Sara K. and Günter Pauler - and the story began.

After arriving back home in the states Sara received a recording of the concert from Günter. Added to nearly five songs in the mix was a guitar player who sounded exciting and promising to her. That guitar player was Chris Jones. She immediately responded to Günter that she would love to record with him.

Details       SFR 357.9003.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv)

• Tony Christie & Ranagri – "The Great Irish Songbook"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

Tony Christie - Is This the Way to Amarillo? No! This time he’s wending his way to Dublin, Limerick, Tullamore and Carrickfergus.

44 years after the release of his million-selling hit “Amarillo”, Tony Christie rounds off his long career with a nostalgic trip to his family’s Irish roots – and has produced an Irish folk album of the very highest musical and audio quality. For this project he was able to acquire the services of the band “Ranagri”. 12 of the most beautiful Irish folk classics including for instance „Wild Mountain Thyme“ and „Carrickfergus“, were recorded by Christie and the band in the grammy-nominated Stockfisch Studio in Northeim.

Details       SFR 357.4087.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Tony Christie & Ranagri – "The Great Irish Songbook" LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

This amazing recording with Tony Christie and Ranagri is also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition - including all of the 12 SACD-tracks.

Details       SFR 357.8087.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• Kerstin Blodig – "Out of the Woods"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

The Norwegian singer/songwriter/guitarist Kerstin Blodig presents her debut-album on Stockfisch. The recordings took place in Solling - in a clearing in one of Germany’s largest forest areas.

The rich natural atmosphere - including birdsong and sounds from the vegetation - fits wonderfully to Kerstin’s haunting Norwegian folk ballads, her crystal clear expressive mezzosoprano and her modern virtuoso guitar playing. “Out of the Woods” is a collection of favourite songs about the loveliest season of all – springtime, featuring re-recorded repertoire from formerly released CDs as well as brand-new material – including three spontaneous improvisations, where the musicians sat around the microphones and just started to play…

Details       SFR 357.4077.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• La Folia Barockorchester – "Violin Concertos"
  SACD/CD (4.0 + Stereo)

A perfect location (Dresdener Palais im Großen Garten), an experienced recording team with mastermind Günter Pauler, state-of-the-art recording equipment - and a courageous, professional baroque music ensemble. Another great recording on Stockfisch.

On this SUPER-AUDIO-CD you will also hear the Violin Concerto in C Major by G.A.Brescianello, which is recorded here for the very first time. DSD-4.0-/DSD-Stereo-/CD-Audio-Layer + MAKINGOF-data partition.

   • Sorry, meanwhile this SACD is out of print!

Details       SFR 357.4086.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• The Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The second DMM-CD/SACD released 2016. 12 tracks selected from recent Stockfisch repertoire, at first cut into copper-master and immediately digitized with 1bit-DSD HiTech equipment. Incl. a 60page booklet containing a well illustrated documentation about the DMM-CD/SACD.

"Stockfisch Records (under the innovative direction of Gunter Pauler) continues to operate on the cutting edge of technology. Their technological advances enhance the acoustic sensitivity of the performers without altering their essence. The DMM-CD/SACD format captures the pure tonal quality of vinyl without the various “noise” distractions. The digital transfer expands the vibrancy of the voices and instruments. I heard no pops, ticks or surface noise and the fidelity was truly excellent. Hopefully there will be other recordings that utilize this process."  —Robbie Gerson, Audiophile Audition, Jan 19, 2014

Details       SFR 357.5902.2    (25,- EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.5
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Just as it’s four predecessors did, the compilation „closer to the music Vol.5 “ provides an aural overview of the latest and the forthcoming Stockfisch productions - this time for 2015. More than 79 minutes of unusual recordings and fascinating music.

A very special part of this compilation are tracks 17 to 19, not just because they come from the the so-called “classical music” genre, but also because of the sound-technical aspect. We present to you in addition their multichannel versions, among them one GRAMMY nominated title from the SACD with the Chinese soprano Son Zuying.

Details       SFR 357.4015.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Steve Strauss – "Sea of Dreams"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

Roughly 10 years after his success with “Just Like Love” the singer & composer Steve Strauss now presents his new album: “Sea of Dreams”.

In this new material you might discover traces of the Steve Strauss of “Just Like Love”, but the striking thing is a new more courageous style. The noble Duesenberg guitar dominates in many of the songs, and there is a new playfulness. The title of the album betrays his new consciousness: he dives into a sea of personal dreams - “Monster(s)” inhabit a “Freaky World” devastated by “Acts of War”.

Details       SFR 357.4084.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Ranagri – "Fort of the Hare"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch-Records is lucky to present the Irish/English band "Ranagri" with singer-songwriter Donal Rogers.

Ranagri sound like a precious, unspoiled spot of beauty – the Irish village of Ranagri that gave the band its name. The four Londoners marry musical influences ranging from classical, folk and blues. If their story did not exist, it would have to be invented. A get-together in the pub – a band's story comes into being. Guitar and flutes, harp and bodhran, bouzouki – and each time these melodious voices oscillating between melancholy and pure joie de vivre.

Details       SFR 357.4085.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• The Spirit of GAMBO – Orlando Gibbons "The Silver Swan"
  SACD/CD (4.0 + Stereo)

This SUPER-AUDIO-CD brings to you the first recording of the complete "Set of Madrigals und Mottets" by Orlando Gibbons from 1612, feat. two soprano singers and violas da gamba: DSD-4.0-/DSD-Stereo-/CD-Audio-Layer.

The internationally renowned ensemble "The Spirit of Gambo" brings a world of forgotten sounds into life again. The exquisite tonal quality, the balance between instruments, and the richness of musical content captivate any listener, giving them the feeling of being directly transported back in time and leaving them deeply rewarded.

Details       SFR 357.4061.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Martin Kolbe - "Blue Moment"

Stockfisch Records owns a well organized tape-archive containing all tape-master from the analog era of Stockfisch. Martin Kolbe was really excited by the idea to rerelease his solo albums "Blue Moment" - so we started the remastering of the original tape-master from 1977.

Martin Kolbe says: "Thanks to the excellent sound equipment and the careful production by Günter Pauler I can listen to these old recordings still in good conscience - here you just listen to the state of my musical development at that time, no ifs and buts."

Details       SFR 357.1021.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Waylon Jennings – "Analog Pearls Vol.1"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch-Records is releasing a new series called 'Analog Pearls' with the artist Waylon Jennings.

These old analogue recordings were chosen because of the fantastic sound. For the new series Günter Pauler is looking in archives and is searching for grantors of a license. Before releasing as "Analog Pearls" the tracks have been carefully remastered at Stockfisch-Records.

Details       SFR 357.4801.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth – "Will You Come Home"
 SACD/CD (Stereo)

A photograph album full of treasured memories - David Roth's new Album "Will You Come Home".

David Roth is a musical portrait artist who conveys a wealth of stories, anecdotes and remembered scenes with a physically felt intensity. This album is reminiscent, too, of an much-loved anthology of poetry, like one of those marvellous books which one can simply open at any page. That extraordinary feeling of warmth and familiarity that takes us by surprise when listening to this music comes from the sheer magic of the melodies, the mellow harmonies, the irresistible guitar sounds and David Roth's voice.

Details       SFR 357.4079.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• David Roth – "Will You Come Home" VINYL Double-LP
    180g-Vinyl DLP 45rpm

When we planned the Vinyl-Edition of "Will You Come Home" we could not make up or mind, which CD titles should be quitted because of the LP´s limited running time. Therefore we decided in favour of a Double-LP. And now the side-length became really perfect for a four-sided 45 rpm cut.

Details       SFR 357.8079.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul Stephenson – "Girl With A Mirror"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

"Girl With A Mirror" - In the mirror of the mermaid-like beauty of the girl featured in the album cover we just read one word: Masterpiece.

While Stephenson’s earlier works exude the excitement of “something’s gonna happen”, the sweet bird of youth is “on the way to Santiago” – since then, life seems to have taken the artist on the long and rocky road. In the same way, "Girl With A Mirror" is darker; more composed, and more reflective – but hope does not desert us.

Details       SFR 357.4069.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv)

• Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas – "Halos 'Round the Moon"
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The English word “Halo” can refer to the luminous circle surrounding the moon, but also the radiance traditionally depicted in art as the halo of a saint.

The music of Carl and Parissa bears witness to how music can be an opposite pole to facets of human life such as death, sadness, loss and transitoriness – harmony with nature being the prerequisite.

Details       SFR 357.4081.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Song Zuying - Epics Of Love
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

An Anthology of Ancient Chinese Poetry.

Renowned Chinese ethnic vocalist Song Zuying, accompanied by conductor Yu Long and China Philharmonic Orchestra, performs an anthology of ancient Chinese poems that spans over 2,500 years of time.

"Epics Of Love" is mastered in multi-channel hybrid SACD, with a 5.1 surround mix that captures the breathtaking acoustic ambience. A 60-page book was the format of choice for the rich collection of original Chinese poems, English translations, literature synopses, studio & sessions photos, and many more.

This SACD is nomineed for the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards 2015 as "Best Surround Sound Album".

Details       SFR 357.9014.2    (25,- EUR+deliv)

• Allan Taylor – All Is One
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

On previous albums Allan Taylor sang songs about the road, about all the different countries and all the hotel rooms … The new album goes deeper – into time and ultimately to the recognition: “All is one”.

Taylor plays his favourite Martin guitars with the same sensitivity for body, expression and autonomy which one finds in his vocal performance – always moving, and never merely vague.

Details       SFR 357.4078.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor – All Is One LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP.

Details       SFR 357.8078.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• ZebraSommerwind - Sonne & Mond

Surprising: German songs is fun! - From melancholic to cheerful about absolutely intoxicating.

Thomas Kagermann, Urs Fuchs, Andrea Leonhardi and Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch - it does not seem to need more in this particular case: for this aesthetic musical enjoyment from contemporary songs, newly-conceived German folk songs and extremely snappy dance medleys.

Details       SFR 357.6073.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Stockfisch DMM-CD/SACD
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

More and more music lovers are discovering the unique sound of a vinyl record. We have thought about whether it is possible just to make the sound creation factors of a vinyl record audible.

With our new sophisticated process, a new digital recording media has emerged retaining the original sound of a Vinyl-LP but without the unwanted side effects. The DMM-CD/SACD gives you the direct sound of the DMM Copper cut - without having to go through the stages of pressing a record.

Details       SFR 357.5900.2    (25,- EUR+deliv)

• Paul O'Brien - Long May You Sing
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

There’s something which connects all the songs on this SACD: all are by Canadian composers. This is much more than a mere collection of hits - thanks to the poetic, strong and never sentimental interpretations of Paul O’Brien.

All 14 songs are by Canadian writers – from Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot and Paul O’Brien right up to Neil Young, whose song “Long May You Run” inspired the title of the new album.

   • Sorry, meanwhile SACD and Vinyl out of print!

Details       SFR 357.4080.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul O'Brien - Long May You Sing LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
Details       SFR 357.8080.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv)

• David Munyon - Purple Cadillacs

Just in time for David Munyons European tour this spring 2013 Stockfisch Records releases a CD with the latest recordings of David Munyon:

13 Songs of the tireless creative songwriter and guitarist from Alabama can be heard on his new album "Purple Cadillacs" that was recorded in Northeim.

Details       SFR 357.6083.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Down The Years I Travelled …

Stockfisch releases a new Double-CD with a compilation of Allan Taylor´s songs selected from his Non-Stockfisch CD albums (1984 - 1995) which are now out of print. Included an almost 60 page booklet with extensive liner notes, photos and lyrics.

20 songs from this period, when Allan did not produce with Stockfisch yet, remastered! In addition Allan Taylor recorded the title song for this Double-CD this year with Stockfisch: "Down The Years I Travelled …"

Details       SFR 357.9013.2    (25,- EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - "more pearls" - Vinyl-Collection
  180g-Vinyl LP

In the year 2006 David Roth released his second album on Stockfisch: On "more pearls" David Roth performs a collection of famous and not that famous „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting: "Though it’s been years since I’ve played some, like cherished old friends they’ve been exhilarating to revisit, relearn, rediscover, and gain new insight from."

Selected songs of this project are now also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8041.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Brooke Miller - Familiar
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

"Familiar" is the name of Brooke Miller's first album with Stockfisch.

The rich timbre of her voice and the quality of the guitar sound while entirely unique, resonates with influences ranging from Bruce Coburn to Joni Mitchell. The rhythmic, catching melodies with fresh elements of folk and a dash of country evoke the oceanic grandeur of her Canadian homeland.

Details       SFR 357.4076.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Brooke Miller - Familiar LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

"Familiar" is also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP.

Details       SFR 357.8076.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Eugene Ruffolo/Dennis Kolen/Shane Alexander - The Greater Good
The Greater Good

Without much ado and preliminaries, the three musicians meet at the Stockfisch studio in Northeim and give their creativity and expertise free reign.

Et voilà: what has something of the character of a reunion of old friends turns out to a must-hear, not only for those who know and appreciate the solo productions of Ruffolo and Kolen. Also listeners who experience these artists for the first time as THE GREATER GOOD will enjoy these ten mellow, yet catchy tracks with their captivating vocal harmonies and intricate, rhythmic guitar work - such musical master craftsmanship is what it takes "If It's Feeling Fine".

Details       SFR 357.6075.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Eugene Ruffolo/Dennis Kolen/Shane Alexander - The Greater Good LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
The Greater Good LP

This trio session with "The Greater Good" is also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8075.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm
Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm

Katja Maria Werker has made her début on Stockfisch with her new album, "mitten im sturm" ("In the Midst of the Storm").

This CD is a richly facetted album – squally periods followed by intermittent calm, the rise and swell of the waves: Katja Werker's own compositions; fresh, energy-laden pop songs ("Crossfire"), some English and German folk; notably a Peter Gabriel classic from the Seventies ("Here comes the Flood") not to mention an awe-inspiring rendition of the German hit "Über sieben Brücken must Du gehn". Each of the album's tracks is unique, and all are highly authentic; personal in the literal sense of the word.

Details       SFR 357.6074.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
Katja Maria Werker - Mitten im Sturm LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8074.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ralf Illenberger - Red Rock Journeys
Ralf Illenberger

With his new album Red Rock Journeys, a musician who can undoubtedly be classed as one of the greats of acoustic guitar music can now be heard on Stockfisch: Ralf Illenberger.

Ralf IIlenberger‘s home and place of work is Sedona, Arizona, a location of great natural beauty to which spiritual power is also attributed. And Red Rock Journeys epitomizes a true Illenberger: holding that fine balance between deep, earthy sound and soaring, airy heights – between rock-solid craftsmanship and the capacity for transcendence.

Details       SFR 357.1020.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ralf Illenberger - Red Rock Journeys LP
  180g-Vinyl LP
Ralf Illenberger - Red Rock Journeys LP

Also available as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP Edition.

Details       SFR 357.8020.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.2
  180g-Vinyl LP

We compiled the tracks for this Vinyl-Collection Vol.2 following the established criteria of the „closer to the music“ compilations:

On one hand we want to offer samples of current Stockfisch albums, on the other hand we would like to give a sneak peek on our future CDs.

Details       SFR 357.8009.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.4
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.4

There were so many positive and even enthusiastic feedbacks on our „closer to the music“ compilations volume 1 to 3, that we decided to release Vol.4 in 2011.

And again this 4th compilation offers both a selection from current releases and presentations of artists and albums that will be released by Stockfisch Records in the next months. closer to the music Vol.4 offers more than 73 minutes of musical highlights to get in first touch with Stockfisch artists as well as sound and/or just for enjoyable listening.

Details       SFR 357.4011.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Munyon - Pretty Blue

All of David Munyons songs are preserved in his already legendary and voluminous songbook, which in the meantime contains almost 500 unique songs.

Twelve wonderful songs have been carefully chosen from this collection - bedded in a varied mixture of styles from Americana, blues and folk to rock – for the eagerly-awaited new studio album “Pretty Blue”. These profound and predominantly autobiographical stories tell of stations in David Munyons eventful life. Each song is a jewel in itself, shining with a dazzling beauty born of David’s love and deeply felt beliefs.

Details       SFR 357.6072.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• AYA - Authentic Audio Check
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The AYA - “Are you Authentic“ is an association whose members are dedicated to the aim of providing an authentic musical experience in cars.

Together with Stockfisch Records they developed this SACD, with which the sound of (car-)hi-fi systems can be critically judged, and which therefore allows the most objective possible comparison of different systems. These tracks – some newly mixed, others specially recorded for this SACD – were selected to optimize sound systems if necessary.

Details       SFR 357.9011.2 (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - In The Groove
  180g-Vinyl LP

The vinyl-LP normally has two sides – and Sara K. presents two sides of her musical artistry!

On the one side we have her impressive and very convincing (solo) live concerts, where she fascinates her audience solely with her unique voice and her almost fragile-sounding accompaniment on the 4-string guitar. On the other side there are her beautiful studio recordings, where a whole range of musicians complement her pieces with an endless palette of musical styles, instruments and ideas. We want to document these two sides of her work on the 2nd release from the new Stockfisch “in the groove” series.

Details       SFR 357.8011.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Mckinley Black - Beggars, Fools and Thieves
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch recorded Mckinley Black´s new album "Beggars, Fools and Thieves".

The American singer/songwriter, who many years ago moved to Berlin and still lives there, got accompaniment during the studio sessions by renowned musicians like guitarist Ian Melrose, Katharina Franck (Rainbirds), drummer Ralf Gustke (Söhne Mannheims, Xavier Naidoo), and others. Listen to the samples!

Details       SFR 357.4065.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Michael Schlierf - Clouds and Silver Linings
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

As an enthusiastic aficionado of instrumental music Michael Schlierf lets the music do the talking.

This can be felt in the music of his compositions - that language that begins where words start to fail. Stockfisch-Records releases an elaborately produced SACD album with 14 of his pieces arranged for a bunch of intruments: besides the piano there are playing string quartet, oboe, cor anglais, flute, clarinet, harp, but also saxophone, guitar, dobro, bass and drums …

Details       SFR 357.4070.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Songs for the Road
  SACD-Maxi/CD Enhanced (Stereo)

During the HIGHEND exposition in Munich Allan Taylor happened to get to know Dieter Burmester, head of Burmester Audiosystems.

Dieter told him about the sound system that he had designed for the new Porsche Panamera. It was then that Allan told Dieter his story of why he had bought a Porsche and that he had written a song about the true story behind. For this reason Stockfisch recorded together with Dieter Burmester and Allan a five track MAXI containing also the song "A Promise and a Porsche".

Details       SFR 357.9010.2    (8,00 EUR+deliv.)

• Beoga - Live at Stockfisch Studio
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch releases another album from their LIVE AT STOCKFISCH STUDIO series - this time an Irish band had visited Northeim: "Beoga".

Beoga (Irish word for ‘lively’) have become one of the most popular and influential ensembles in modern Irish music. “Riveting... the best traditional band to emerge from Ireland this century,” Wall Street Journal.

Details       SFR 357.4053.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Beoga - Live at Stockfisch Studio LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

   • Sorry, meanwhile SACD and Vinyl out of print!

Details       SFR 357.8053.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - In The Groove
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch releases another audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP as start of a new series: IN THE GROOVE. Allan Taylor comments:

"I thought the vinyl format was finished. However, since I have been recording with Stockfisch Records and working with Günter Pauler I have become used to the supremely high criteria the work to, so when they suggested that we choose a few songs of mine from our catalogue for a release on vinyl I thought it was a great idea."

Details       SFR 357.8007.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas – Out Of Australia
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas come from Australia. Their fame Down Under is considerable.

Parissa's angelic voice comes close to an invitation; that is, one from water nymphs and ancient dwellers of the woods of mythology. Carl's warm voice and his guitar-playing make sure that the angels stay in safe contact with Celtic folk tradition.

Details       SFR 357.4060.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Dennis Kolen - Northeim | Goldmine
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Dennis Kolen is a young singer/songwriter from Rotterdam/The Netherlands.

He grew up with the music of his fathers Vinyl collection: Jackson Browne, James Taylor or Paul Simon had been Dennis´ musical vision and orientation. Above all his influences came from the protagonists of the West Coast Music in the seventies: The Eagles, Poco, Crosby,Stills & Nash… - listen to the great harmony vocals on this SACD!

Details       SFR 357.4059.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Dennis Kolen - Northeim | Goldmine LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Dennis Kolen, the Dutch singer/songwriter with the singularly expressive voice. His first Stockfisch album is released also as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP.

Details       SFR 357.8059.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sebastian Sternal Trio - Paris
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

A new jazz trio recording on Stockfisch: Pianist Sebastian Sternal,

who 2007 moved for a year to Paris in order to study at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse, wrote pieces for this album as a tribute to this city. Together with Sebastian Klose (b), and Axel Pape (perc), the trio introduces a special guest from Paris: Anne-Marie Jean. With her versatile voice, she, as a Frenchwoman, lends a special authenticity to this city portrait.

Details       SFR 357.4068.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sebastian Sternal Trio - Paris LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch-Records releases Sebastian Sternal Trio Live-in-Studio-Session also as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8068.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul O´Brien & Uli Kringler Trio
  180g-Vinyl 12inch - 4 tracks

Special HIGH END 2010 release:

Stockfisch Records not only had brought the Canadian singer/songwriter Paul O'Brien to Munich, but also an exclusive new Vinyl: 12 inch • 45 upm • 180g pressing, including four songs with Paul O´Brien accompanied by the Uli Kringler Trio! Recorded live at Stockfisch Studio, Northeim, Germany, September 29, 2009 - during the concert tour of Paul O´Brien & Uli Kringler Trio – no edits, no overdubs!

Sorry, the 180g-Vinyl version is out of print.

Details       SFR 357.8010.1    (13,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - The Endless Highway
+  blu-ray video + DVD (2ch)

Stockfisch´s first documentary film "The Endless Highway":

We filmed at various locations which had been important in the artist´s life of Allan Taylor: Brighton, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, concerts, recordings … . Allan about this film: "What we aimed to do was to make a film about a travelling troubadour, how he gets his ideas for songs, how he writes songs, how he plays the concerts and how he travels from city to city."
"The Endless Highway" is released as 2disc set (blu-rayDisc HDV quality (1080i NTSC) + Standard DVD)

Details       SFR 357.7063.2    (27,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Eugene Ruffolo & V.A. - Even Santa Gets The Blues
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch´s first Christmas album!

Some stalwarts of Stockfisch records to this noble end have gathered around Eugene Ruffolo; white beards and scarlet coats they wear – but watch out for their guitars! And finally they achieved the impossible task of creating a Christmas SACD sounding like no other.

Details       SFR 357.4066.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Ewen Carruthers - One Red Shoe
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

A new album by Ewen Carruthers is a thing worth waiting for! Now it's here – they call it "One Red Shoe".

Seems like an old friend to us. Melodies dance like dappled sunlight on ground covered with golden autumn leaves. October wine – that's how lyrics grow. Down-to-earth, yet reflective; almost old-fashioned, they are bound to warm the heart – taking the direct approach to the soul of the matter. And more of this slide guitar please!

Details       SFR 357.4048.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Blue Chamber Quartet - children´s songs
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

After their "first impressions" Blue Chamber Quartet (vibraphone, piano, harp, double bass) has recorded the complete set of 20 "Children´s Songs" by Chick Corea.

BCQ´s vibraphonist Thomas Schindl, percussionist for the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, arranged Corea´s musical miniatures for his quartet. Again music "that deliberately blurred distinctions between classical and jazz."

Details       SFR 357.4067.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul O´Brien - Walk Back Home
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Paul O´Brien is a songwriter with deep roots and broad horizons.

An English-born child of Irish immigrants now living in British Columbia, he cut his teeth on Irish music. A natural story teller, Paul O'Brien has developed an eclectic folk style that is broadly appealing and not easily categorized.

   • Sorry, meanwhile SACD out of print!

Details       SFR 357.4064.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Live in Belgium
+  blu-ray video + DVD (5.0 sound)

"Live in Belgium" as 2disc set (blu-rayDisc + Standard DVD). In stunning HDV quality (1080i NTSC) with Stereo- and 5.0 sound.

Allan Taylor about this film: „It was Günter Pauler from Stockfisch-Records who suggested that, as the concert in Hoeilaart (near Brussels) was to be filmed, I should choose the songs that charted my career of a life on the road. This meant going back to some of the older songs I had not played for some time, but in the hour or so before the concert I found time to run through the texts, the melodies and the chords of these songs that illustrated my journey."

Details       SFR 357.7062.2    (27,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.3
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.3

The third compilation from the critically acclaimed „closer to the music“ series.

You will listen to recent recordings of known artists like Sara K., Allan Taylor, Eugene Ruffolo and David Munyon , but also to new Stockfisch-discoveries like Dennis Kolen (NL), Paul O´Brien (CDN), BEOGA (IRL), Carl & Parissa (AUS), Beo Brockhausen (D) and some more - 18 tracks with a total playing time about 76 min.

Details       SFR 357.4009.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Made In The Shade BD
   pure audio blu-ray (2ch + 5.1)

In addition to the SACD-release Sara K. "made in the shade" Stockfisch-Records features the brandnew pure audio blu-ray disc.

This format has been designed to offer two ways of operation, either with or without a TV screen: you can either navigate the on-screen pop-up menu or simply use the dedicated buttons of your blu-ray player remote control. The numeric keys directly access the corresponding track number and the desired audio stream can be selected by the coloured keys on your remote. In high resolution audio-quality: 24bit/96 kHz Stereo + 5.1-Surround + 5.1 DTS HD master audio.

Details       SFR 357.7052.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Munyon - Big Shoes

His latest CD Album on Stockfisch: „Big Shoes“ where David Munyon sings folk and rock songs of his favourite musical heroes, e.g.:

"Purple Rain" (Prince), Sugar Mountain (Neil Young), Father And Son (Cat Stevens), Imagine (John Lennon), Ol´55 (Tom Waits), Forever Young (Bob Dylan) and many more ...

Details       SFR 357.6058.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Leaving at Dawn
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

After Allan Taylor´s latest solo album on Stockfisch presenting Allan as solo performer with his voice and guitar,

Stockfisch-Rcords will release the new SACD Leaving At Dawn, on which Allan´s new songs are supported by many studio musicians with instruments as well as with vocals: Ian Melrose (git.), Chris Leslie (violin & viola), Hans-Jörg Maucksch (bass), Beo Brockhausen (div. instruments), and Hrólfur Vagnsson (acc.) - to name just some of them.

Details       SFR 357.4057.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Made In The Shade
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

This last album is surely one of her very best, maybe it is THE best. It is certainly no less than sensational.

Like good wine, this one has it all – that inner glow, that shining light that is the true sign of real art. The album’s 12 tracks are a quite delightful mix, with one song especially outstanding in its beauty: „made in the shade“, devoted to Sara K.´s fellow artist and kindred spirit Chris Jones who died some years ago.

Details       SFR 357.4056.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

  SACD-Maxi/CD (Stereo)

Sennheiser Germany also had the idea to feature a reference SACD for their brandnew reference headphone HD800. For that purpose Sennheiser selected their favourite tracks from the Stockfisch repertoire:

So, two different 5track-SACDs had been released - as Sennheiser claims: "Hear the difference!": 1 Beo Brockhausen: Wolkenmeer - 5:16 - 2 Chris Jones: No Sanctuary Here - 3:44 - 3 Sara K.: When I Didn´t Care - 4:15 - 4 Steve Strauss: Closer - 4:15 - 5 The Bassface Swing Trio: I Love Paris - 4:41.

Details       SFR 357.9801.2    (8,00 EUR+deliv.)   Sorry, meanwhile SACD out of print!

  SACD-Maxi/CD (Stereo)

Sennheiser Asia had the idea to feature a reference SACD for their brandnew reference headphone HD800. For that purpose they selected their favourite tracks from the Stockfisch repertoire: "for the optimal Sennheiser HD800 experience."

Content: 1 Steve Strauss: Mr.Bones - 2 Sara K.: Stars - 3 Sara K.: Turned My Upside Down - 4 Sara K. & Chris Jones: Stop Those Bells - LIVE - 5 Christian Willisohn: Caruso.

Details       SFR 357.9800.2    (8,00 EUR+deliv.)

• EASCA competition evaluation disc
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

A very special compilation selected from the Stockfisch repertoire by the EASCA (European Auto Sound Association).

Containing well known Stockfisch tracks, but supplemented by adding helpful test signals for installing, checking and evaluating car-hifis or home stereo equipment.

Details       SFR 357.9009.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Paperboys - live at Stockfisch Studio
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The Paperboys are a folk music band from Vancouver. They have been playing together since 1991 and some of their recordings were honored with folk music awards.

When they play, you can hear the sound of tin whistle, violin and bodhrán, this is Celtic folk music, bluegrass, Mexican music and country music, at times with a hint of music from eastern Europe and Africa. The Paperboys perform live in the studio - and it is plain to hear they are having a lot of fun doing this.

Details       SFR 357.4054.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Paperboys - live at Stockfisch Studio LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

Stockfisch-Records releases The Paperboys´ Live-in-Studio-Session also as audiophile 180g-Vinyl-LP cutted with Stockfisch´s inhouse Direct-Metal-Mastering cutting lathe.

Details       SFR 357.8054.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Louis Capart & Duo Balance - Voyage – d’une île à l’autre
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The German Duo Balance have for many years had a deep friendship with Louis Capart, singer and songwriter from Brittany.

And Duo Balance fits in into this music congenially, singing together with Louis Capart in perfect harmony: in their soloistic parts, as well as performing songs for two or three voices. They are accompanied by some virtuosic instrumentalists creating a relaxed musical collage.

Details       SFR 357.4043.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - Tribute to Cole Porter - Collector's Set
   DSD-to-Disc 180g LP + SACD

The Bassface Swing Trio again, this time featuring singer Barbara Bürkle, performing a fine selection of Cole Porter jazz tunes. The musicians played two sets of four pieces - "live", there were no edits or digital tricks involved. The Stockfisch sound engineers mixed the sound of seven microphones in an analog mixer to a stereo sum. The mix was then passed through the highest grade DSD 1-bit converter.   • Meanwhile Out of Print!

This performance is released in three different formats: for collectors of audiophile specials as DSD 2.8224 MHz-TO-DISC Vinyl 180g LP + SACD Hybrid-bundle - limited to 500 pcs., numbered and signed by Günter Pauler.

Details       SFR 357.9056.1 LP & SACD (80,- EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - Tribute to Cole Porter SACD
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

… for the friends of swing music w/o turntable as SACD Hybrid: DSD-Stereo/CD-Audio.

Details       SFR 357.4056.2 SACD (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - Tribute to Cole Porter LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

… for all aficionados of vinyl as DSD 2.8224 MHz-TO-DISC Vinyl 180g LP.

Details       SFR 357.8056.1    (25,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Gergely Bogányi - Frédéric Chopin: 21 Nocturnes
  Double-SACD/-CD (Stereo)

Stockfisch-Records´ good connections to the classical music scene in Hungary yield another sounding fruit: Gergely Bogányi, one of the best Hungarian pianists of these days.

He was so affected by the recent piano-recordings from Northeim, that he decided spontaneously, to record all of the 21 Nocturnes by Frédéric Chopin within a few hours - amazing! This impressive recording is released as Double-SACD-Hybrid.

Details       SFR 357.4051.2-2   (25,- EUR+deliv.)

• Patrick O'Byrne - Maurice Ravel: Miroirs …
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

Patrick O’Byrne, who was born in Ireland and grew up in New Zealand, enjoys an excellent reputation among experts. On this SACD he plays piano music from Ravel.

Impressionist sound painting to enjoy and savour … the quiet dreaminess of La Vallée des cloches – pianistic virtuosity to the highest degree, of which the Alborada del gracioso and Ondine or Scarbo from Gaspard de la nuit are very fine examples.

Details       SFR 357.4049.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Péter Tóth - Franz Liszt: Sinistre …
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Another DIRECT-CUT-SUPER-AUDIO-CD from Stockfisch documentating the second session of the CREAR recordings.

Stockfisch is releasing Franz Liszt´s late works written for piano? Why certainly: one of the most promising music talents in Hungary, an extraordinary recording location in Scotland and Günter Pauler´s DSD Direct Cut technique - that´s it!

Details       SFR 357.4049.2    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Christian Willisohn - Hold On
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Stockfisch-Records releases the second DIRECT-CUT-SUPER-AUDIO-CD: a SACD Hybrid incl. DSD-5.1-/DSD-Stereo-/CD-Audio-Layer.

Christian Willisohn, pianist and singer from Munich, goes back to the roots of the blues, taking his listeners on a trip from the basics to the myriad facets of the music.

Details       SFR 357.4038.2    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - SOLO LIVE

Sara K. was invited by the German radio station "mdr" to play for a radio concert in Leipzig/Saxony.

On November 8, 2007 she performed a convincing solo concert, which Günter Pauler had been asked by the mdr to record for broadcast. As everybody was so happy with this performance, Stockfisch-Records decided to release this concert on CD. Sara K. - SOLO LIVE: 60 minutes, 14 tracks, Sara´s voice and her fourstring guitar!

Details       SFR 357.6055.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Eugene Ruffolo - in a different light
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

With Eugene Ruffolo from New York, Stockfisch has chosen a world class singer-songwriter to appear on the label.

Ruffolo’s fabulously intense musicality is reminiscent of many an artist, especially of Marc Cohn and sometimes a little of Stockfisch fellow artist David Roth. Ruffolo’s own guitar sounds big and warm, its interplay with exceptional guitarist John Jennings is of a lucid beauty.

Details       SFR 357.4044.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Blue Chamber Quartet - first impressions
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

Vibraphone, piano, harp and double bass …

… create a sound far beyond the formal strictness of classical music and the improvisation characteristic of jazz. It goes full circle from quiet moments of contemplation to rhythmically driving, minimalist musical patterns. A sound impression covering Sergei Prokofiev as well as Astor Piazzolla and Chick Corea. 4 extraordinary soloists with a really breathtaking performance!

Details       SFR 357.4046.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Old Friends-New Roads

Allan Taylor writes:

"This CD is simply a collection of songs I occasionally return to, solely because they are a joy to sing play. I decided to record the whole CD with just voice and guitar or voice and piano, the idea being that it is in fact a short private concert for you."

Details       SFR 357.6047.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - plays Gershwin Direct-to-Disc LP
   Direct-to-Disc LP + SACD

Direct-to-Disc: that implies musicians playing the duration of one vinyl side without mistakes during the lathe is cutting the DMM copper at the same time. Live - no subsequent corrections, no edits!.   • Meanwhile Out of Print!

This vinyl record is released as limited edition (2000 LPs), signed and numbered by hand. It comes with a SACD incl. a CD-hybrid-layer. This is the exciting opportunity to compare three formats originating from the same analog source and transferred unaltered into two digital formats.

Details        SFR 357.8045.1 LP & SACD (80,- EUR+deliv.)

• the bassface swing trio - plays Gershwin SACD
  SACD/CD (Stereo)

The vinyl-edition is going to get out of print and a reprint of direct-to-disc vinyl is strictly unacceptable. According to our opinion this wonderfully swinging piano-trio highlight should be available in the future anyway. Besides there were many requests from aficionados, who do not possess turntables, but would like to get this SACD. Therefore Stockfisch Records releases the bassface swing trio recording as a separate Hybrid-SACD.

Details       SFR 357.4045.2 SACD (17,50 EUR+deliv.)   Sorry, meanwhile SACD out of print!

• Vinyl-Collection Vol.1
  180g-Vinyl LP

The first Vinyl-LP sampler by Stockfisch is released: the Stockfisch Records Vinyl Collection.

We selected 10 tracks from the Stockfisch repertoire of the last four years and cut them on an audiophile 180g-Vinyl. Featuring Sara K., Steve Strauss, Chris Jones, David Roth, Eugene Ruffolo, Paul Stephenson, Louis Capart, Mike Silver, Christian Willisohn and Ewen Carruthers.

Details       SFR 357.8006.1    (31,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.2
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.2

Stockfisch released its first SACD sampler two years ago.

Since then the label has recorded and published many new Stockfisch productions – well known artists of the singer/songwriter scene as well as so called “insider tips”. Listen to 15 new tracks (70 min) on this Hybrid-SACD feat. among others: Sara K., Steve Strauss, Eugene Ruffolo, Mike Silver, David Munyon …

Details       SFR 357.4006.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - hell or high water
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

hell or high water, Sara K.'s second album produced outside of the US is not only a brilliant poetic and musical achievement.

It is a great sounding recording as well. This SACD/CD yields 10 previously unreleased songs, featuring the late Chris Jones on guitar and dobro. Also on this SACD: An impressive surround mix for all titles!

Details       SFR 357.4039.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - hell or high water XRCD

Stockfisch offers another audiophile experiment: We transferred our highresolution stereomix soundfiles of Sara K.´s SACD "hell or high water" to the JVC Studios in Yokohama. Renowned sound engineer Kotetsu mastered a XRCD24 based on this material.

Details       SFR 357.5039.2 (36,- EUR)

   • Sorry, the XRCD-Edition is meanwhile out of print.

• Ewen Carruthers - when time turns around

Ewen Carruthers´ folksongs are unbelievably condensed matter, they are diamonds reduced to their essential artistic content,

which have influenced lots of his fellow musicians - among them Allan Taylor and Mike Silver. His CD „when time turns around“ could and should relieve Carruthers from his status as being the all-time secret of the Inner Circle of folk music.

Details       SFR 357.6037.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - more pearls

David Roth sings „evergreens“ of the anglo-american songwriting:

„Song For You Far Away“ (James Taylor), „I Will“ (Lennon/McCartney), „Blowin´ In The Wind“ (Bob Dylan), „Streets Of London“ (Ralph McTell), „American Tune“ (Paul Simon), „You´ve Got A Friend“ (Carole King) and 8 other pearls. Songs, that "made their mark in David´s psyche and helped guide him down his path."

Details       SFR 357.6041.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)


• The Spirit of Gambo - The Galaxy Recordings
  SACD/CD (5.0 + Stereo)

The internationally acclaimed ensemble "The Spirit of Gambo" from the Netherlands performed Dutch 17th century music for viola da gamba:

For this DIRECT-CUT-SUPER-AUDIO-CD, we chose a specialised room with defined room acoustics and an extreme isolation: The large concert hall of the GALAXY studios in Mol, Belgium.

Details       SFR 357.4042.2    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Mike Silver - heaven in mind

This fine, superb sounding CD – made even more admirable by contributions from Chris Jones and other musicians – is in fact an almost typical Stockfisch publication.

As a work of art rich in content, Mike Silver’s new work cannot be compared to anyone else’s so far. On his new album the sensitive singer and poet gives a close analysis of the state of human relationships and puts them in the shape of sophisticated melodies.

Details       SFR 357.6035.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Steve Strauss - just like love
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

With “Powderhouse Road“, Steve Strauss proved himself to be a singer/songwriter of remarkable depth of feeling and sensitivity.

This is also true of “just like love" - again produced in audiophile Stockfisch quality. Friends of surround sound will find the additional 5.1-Mix also on this Super-Audio-CD.

Details       SFR 357.4036.2 (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul Stephenson - These Days

- the singer-songwriter from Durham, England, now living in France.

Paul Stephenson´s second CD "These Days"! All those who – two years ago – felt like struck by lightning by Stephenson’s first CD "Light Green Ball" will find again so many things which are easy to love – the Beatles, James Taylor, being head over heels in love on a glorious spring day.

Details       SFR 357.6029.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Munyon - Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water

David Munyon Song-Selection 2

13 outstanding recordings with David Munyon from the years 1996/97, done in the Stockfisch studios in high-bit quality and accompanied by Stockfisch´s "house" musicians.

Details       SFR 357.6033.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Munyon - More Songs for Planet Earth

David Munyon Song-Selection 1

David Munyon obliviously continues to write the book of singer/songwriting: 12 unreleased songs from the David Munyon sessions in Northeim in 1996/97.

Details       SFR 357.6032.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Closer To The Music Vol.1
  SACD/CD (Stereo)
Closer To The Music Vol.1

The first sampler released by Stockfisch-Records with a collection of 17 tracks. Although taken from different CD productions, these titles reveal a close relationship to sound and interpretation.

On this SACD-Hybrid (DSD-Stereo + CD-Layer): Sara K., Allan Taylor, David Munyon, Mike Silver, Paul Stephenson, David Roth, Chris Jones … and others!

Details       SFR 357.4006.2    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• The Tiptons - surrounded by horns
  SACD/CD (5.1 + Stereo)

The first SACD released by Stockfisch presents special features - both technical and musical: the DIRECT CUT SUPER AUDIO CD.

A genuine DSD-live-recording "surrounded by horns". The tiptons, five female saxophone- and percussion-virtuosos from the USA, proved to be perfect partners for a direct cut!    • Sorry, out of print!

Details       SFR 357.4034.2 (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - Pearl Diver

The songs of David Roth stimulate all of the listener´s senses …

His clear and soulful voice conveys so much emotion that it can be frightening, at first – such is the intensity that he projects.

Details       SFR 357.6031.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Roth - Pearl Diver LP
  180g-Vinyl LP

This wonderful emotional David Roth-Album Pearl Diver is also available as audiophile VINYL-pressing (LP).

Details       SFR 357.8031.1    (21,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Hotels & Dreamers

Allan Taylor´s 3rd album released by Stockfisch-Records: "Hotels & Dreamers".

11 impressive songs by the 'traveller' reflecting his "lessons learned along the way" - sung with his typical voice full of character, accompanied by well known musicians playing tasteful arrangements.

Details       SFR 357.6028.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones - Roadhouses & Automobiles

The last CD album Stockfisch recorded with the exceptional guitarist Chris Jones.

Chris Jones, well-known from the Nautilustour 2002, where he appeared as a guitar-virtuoso, arises on "Roadhouses & Automobiles" as copious songwriter and impressive singer.

Details       SFR 357.6027.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. & Chris Jones - in concert LIVE

Live-Power – two guitars and the voice of Sara K., spontaneously virtuoso improvisations, no overdubs – wow! This CD was choosen as No.1 among the audophile CDs from the readers of "AUDIO/stereoplay" for the HIFI MUSIC AWARD 2003!

This live recording of Sara & Chris’ concert in Erlangen, Germany on the 15th of June, 2002 is a must-have, not only for folks that experienced this incredible show. Sara K. & Chris Jones - in concert - the completion to the WATER FALLS-Album.

Details       SFR 357.6030.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Water Falls

The first CD that Sara K. has recorded outside of the U.S.,

"WATER FALLS" contains brand-new material, some of it composed in Northeim. This CD has received overwhelmingly positive critiques: "Water Falls is possibly the best album to appear on the market out of this scene in the last 2 or 3 years."

Details       SFR 357.6025.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Water Falls VINYL Double-LP
    180g-Vinyl DLP

In addition to the regular CD, Collector’s Set, LIVE-CD and -DVD, Stockfisch is pleased to announce the release of "Water Falls” as a Double-Vinyl LP of uncompromising quality (180g vinyl, detailed booklet). An experience in a class of it’s own for all friends of the analogue LP.

Details       SFR 357.8025.1    (33,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - Live - DVD-Video

On the 19th of October, 2002, Sara K. performed, together with Chris Jones at the ARTmax in Braunschweig, Germany. The concert was captured both on video and on (digital) tape for the Bowers & Wilkins Nautilustour-DVD. The live atmosphere of this performance (an additional concert especially organized by B&W) comes across both aurally and visually amazingly well.

This DVD-Video is also available from Stockfisch.

Details       B&W111.1116.1    (17,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Sara K. - WATER FALLS-Playback

Another offer: The instrumental versions of the "Water Falls"-Mixes ( without Sara´s leadvocals).

Details       SFR 357.9025.2    (10,00 EUR+deliv.)

• Mike Silver - Solid Silver

Music that goes to the heart, because it comes from the heart:

with "Solid Silver”, the fabulous English songwriter Mike Silver has presented his listeners with a disarmingly personal and heart-warming ballad album. His tender, yet powerful vocals create an intimate and peaceful atmosphere that leaves the listener floating …

Details       SFR 357.6026.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Paul Stephenson - Light Green Ball

The singer-songwriter from Durham, England, now living in France,

presents a collection of songs describing love and joy, disappointment and dark memories, magical moments and mystical pictures. Paul weaves these themes into a poetic tapestry that fascinates and ensnares the listener.

Details       SFR 357.6023.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Peter Ratzenbeck - Peter´s Fancy

The Austrian guitarist’s collection of 15 titles – 11 instrumentals (some recorded together with Chris Jones) and 4 songs – underscores his ability to play in many and varied genres.

"Peter’s Fancy" has delighted not only the record-buying public, but the music press, as well: "Peter Ratzenbeck’s most mature work to date – a CD that should definitely be in every fingerpicking-fan’s collection".

Details       SFR 357.1018.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)  Sorry, this CD is out of print.

• Allan Taylor - Colour To The Moon

Allan Taylor recorded his 2nd CD with Stockfisch-Records.

Allan’s much-acclaimed album contains 12 new titles, some of which were written in Paris during his "Journey of Memories".

Details       SFR 357.6021.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• Chris Jones - moonstruck + No Looking Back

The "millennium release" of Chris Jones:

The amazingly versatile guitarist that has lent his talents to so many Stockfisch releases recorded this CD "Moonstruck" in the winter of 1999-2000. The album was released as a 2-CD special edition, the 2nd CD being Chris Jones’ very first solo-album on the Stockfisch label in 1982 "No Looking Back".

Details       SFR 357.6020.2-2 (21,50 €+deliv.)

• Allan Taylor - Looking For You

Allan Taylor’s first album on the Stockfisch label,

this 1996 release features Chris Jones on the guitar and as special guests appear Andy Irvine and renowned bass-virtuoso Eberhard Weber.

Details       SFR 357.6013.2    (15,50 EUR+deliv.)

• David Munyon - Poet Wind

David’s second CD on the Stockfisch label.

Audiences that saw him on his first tour of Germany in 1994 were incredibly moved, even speechless. His songs reflect his personal experiences in life and are delivered with an introspective honesty, tenderness and an unbelievable intensity.

Details       SFR 357.6017.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Steve Strauss - Powderhouse Road

The songs of this singer-songwriter from New York demonstrate an unusual depth and sensitivity.

His unique vocal delivery simultaneously fascinates and polarizes – neutrality is not an option. This exceptional album features (among many others) Hans Hartmann (double bass), Chris Jones (guitar & dobro), Nils Tuxen (pedal steel) and Detour (vocals).

Details       SFR 357.6019.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• David Munyon - Slim Possibilities

David’s first CD on the Stockfisch label, produced in cooperation with Glitterhouse records, was recorded in 1996.

The German newspaper "DIE ZEIT" had this to say: "Not since Neil Young’s 'Ragged Glory' have the hearts of Rock ‘n’ Roll Folkies been so touched".

Details       SFR 357.6012.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - SaitenZauber

An icon in the European guitar scene, Werner has not only influenced countless players over the years,

but has also established himself as a singer and composer to be reckoned with – not only in the Folk scene. "SaitenZauber" is a tour-de-force, combining Folk, Swing and Blues in Werner’s trademark style – powerful and rhythmic, but at the same time relaxed, almost playful.

Details       SFR 357.1017.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - Mit Pauken und Trompeten

The champion of fingerstyle!

After three decades "on the road", Werner is enthusiastically received by a generation-spanning audience. His music is still refreshingly spontaneous, as he demonstrates on "Mit Pauken und Trompeten" (loosely translated: "With Alarums and Flourishes") – his new songs are (for the first time) completely in German!

Details       SFR 357.1016.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - Collection 2

New on CD -

- comprised of re-mastered versions of his earlier LPs "Crossroads" (1981) and "Personal Favourites" (1985).

Details       SFR 357.1013.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - Collection 1

Fingerstyle remastered!

- comprised of his two earlier albums ”White Spots” (1978) and "All Alone" (1979).

Details       SFR 357.1012.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - Inbetween Times

A production from 1992 -

- Werner’s collaboration with flautist Volker Leiß makes this CD especially interesting.

Details       SFR 357.1007.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Werner Lämmerhirt - Die frühen Jahre

How it all started …

Includes (among others) his well-known versions of "Corinna, Corinna", "Ten Thousand Miles", "Long Way Back Home", "Lincoln Duncan" and "All Along the Watchtower" …

Details       SFR 357.1001.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)  Sorry, this CD is out of print.

• David Qualey - 3.5 hours

Truly a treat for guitar fans!

The CD "3.5 hours" is a collection of the legendary recordings done by the NDR (North German Radio) in 1979, featuring David Qualey’s unique interpretations of works by Jobim, Lennon & McCartney, James Taylor, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Burt Bacharach.

Details       SFR 357.1014.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• David Qualey - Blue House

David Qualey is the undisputed master of the "quiet guitar".

His compositions unfold into a majestic panorama, rich in stylistic variations – a colourful mosaic of moods, feelings and experiences.

Details       SFR 357.1011.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• David Qualey - Handmade

David Qualey: "It was sometime in 1957 … that I first heard a Chet Atkins record of solo guitar, and boy was I excited, overwhelmed."

Among others pieces like: Once Upon A Time • Brazilia • Calypso Cocktail • Fugue Allegro Tortellini • Pity the Jester …

Details       SFR 357.1004.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• David Qualey - Only Guitar Parables

David Qualey remastered!

An amalgamation of two of David’s earlier vinyl releases "Only Guitar" and "Guitar Parables" – titles include "Santa Cruz", "A Norwegian’s Fantasy", "Opus 18-22" and "Early Summer Morning".

Details       SFR 357.1002.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Duo Balance - Wunderbarer Morgen

"Balance", that stands for equation, stability, in terms of music for harmony.

Christine Maringer-Tries und Hans-Peter Tries interpret songs and chansons with timelessly beautiful arrangements – full of feeling but never 'overloaded'. "Wunderbarer Morgen", their third CD on the Stockfisch label, is yet another successful realisation of this concept.

Details       SFR 357.6018.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Duo Balance - Bunter Fleck

Duo Balance perform (among others) songs by G. Moustaki, G. Brassens, Louis Capart and Jennifer Warnes.

Details       SFR 357.6005.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)

• Duo Balance - Blütezeit

Their first CD released in 1990.

Duo Balance’s debut CD on the Stockfisch label in 1990, "Blütezeit" is an achingly beautiful collection of songs by (among others) Jim Croce, H. van Veen, K. Kiesewetter and Louis Capart.

Details       SFR 357.6001.2 (15,50 €+deliv.)